Hemmesta Water Tower

Year:           2023
Location:     Värmdö, Sweden
Volume:       4000m³
Program:     water tower, technical facilities, visitors infrastructure

Phantom tower
It is hard to imagine a water tower, with a volume of 4000 m³, standing on a rocky hill amidst a serene pine forest. How can we build with the least impact in a meaningful way? Our design takes shape under the strategy 'simpe and best': to design with minimal means to achieve maximum qualities. Here, 'simplicity' stands for the minimal land area and building volume required to meet the technical program in a simple and efficient way. 'Best' represents the use of materials that ensure long-term endurance, an accurate position within the context of the site and a positive impact on community life. The essence of the tower manifests itself in the surroundings, actively engaging with the life of the place, embracing the existing identity, captivating the viewer and reflecting the moment. This inspiration draws from the local flora and Värmdö's unique landscape character.

The building takes the form of a tapering prism, allowing its segmented facade to reflect the landscape. The color scheme and materials are carefully chosen to absorb the hues of the area. The triangulated facade pattern pays tribute to the natural geometry of pine trees' trunks and cone structures, while evoking memories of the triangular framework of the replaced TV mast. The access room, shaped like a prism with a detail of the ceiling in bright red-orange color, crowns the tower. It radiates subdued light during dark hours and reflects the warm glow, inspired by the iconic Värmdö lighthouses. This distinctive feature marks the tower as a subtle monument within the landscape, serving as a focal point and an orientation reference. A wooden walkway system surrounds the tower, and a viewing area offers different ways of interacting with the landscape: lookout points, ramps to access the natural terrain, a small amphitheater for gatherings, and observation of the preserved species with the tower in the background. Several furniture elements are to frame specific views and encourage appreciation of nature.

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